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What can I expect from a managing agent?

First and foremost, you should expect professionalism and accountability. A managing agent should be achieving value for money for their clients, and acting in accordance with good standards of building management. They should also act upon the instructions of their client, whether that is the freeholder or an RTM company and they will be accountable to them.  Do remember, however, that the terms of your lease, along with various statutory requirements relating to matters such as safety, will govern what the managing agent can and cannot do. A managing agent cannot override these, even if you or other leaseholders would like them to.

This is important in the context of costs and expectation management when considering the RTM process. RTM usually produces cost savings for leaseholders, but running a building still costs money and it is important not to confuse value for money with doing things on the cheap. Standards will still need to be maintained in order to keep the building safe and to protect the value of your asset. 

Above all, you should expect your managing agent to listen to you and your needs. Often it is the relatively minor repairs that make day-to-day living in a building much more pleasant, and a good managing agent will take the time to talk to you and address these.

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