Finally, a way to take back control of your service charge.

Finally, a way to take back control of your service charge.

mi-bot is here to help

A service charge too high? A building manager who doesn't care? We have a solution. mi-bot will tell you whether your flat and its building are eligible for Right to Manage without having to sign up for anything. It'll only take a second. Give it a try.

mi-bot is here to help
A professional woman taking control of her service charge.

Own your Service Charge

You may own your lease, but you don't own your service charge. The person who does is not answerable to you and doesn't work for you. Your building manager works for your freeholder and they make all the decisions. mi-blox puts control in your hands through Right to Manage and our mi-RTM service. Our digital platform does all the hard work so you don't have to.

Do you have a problem with your service charge? Your building manager doesn't care? mi-blox is the answer.

Control your insurance cost

With mi-RTM, you decide which quotes you accept for your building insurance. Not only that, but you decide which companies can quote for you, and best of all they can't inflate the prices with hidden fees shared with your building manager / freeholder.

Did you know it's common practice for there to be a commission of between 30% and 60% on your building insurance that is shared between the broker and freeholder? Learn more 

Don't take our word for it. Check out this FCA report.

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An older woman relaxing as her building manager works for her.

Make them work for you

Your building manager doesn't work for you. They work for your freeholder. You aren't their top priority.

mi-RTM puts you in control of your building manager. From now on they work for you. You can even get rid of them and pick your own, or maybe do it yourself.

We'd be happy to explain it to you if you like. 

A you man relaxing in the knowledge that he doesn't need a lawyer.

The Right to Manage is a statutory right

As a no-fault legal process, there's no need for a lawyer when you provide correct information to mi-RTM. mi-RTM will guide the uninitiated through the Right to Manage process in an easy-to-understand way, providing guidance at each step. Learn more . . .

Why wait? With mi-RTM pre-qualification is FREE so you can ensure your building is eligible before spending any money. 

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