I want to go ahead. 

How do I get support for Right to Manage within my building?

In order for an RTM application to go ahead, at least 50% of the leaseholders need to want to take part. You will, therefore, need to contact the other flat owners to get them on board. 

There are different ways that this can be done- you may know or even be friends with some of your neighbours, in which case a conversation is perfect.  Where you do not know the owners, a note under their door or in their post box, making the suggestion and welcoming a chat will often do the trick.  In a larger building you may want to put a notice on a noticeboard, or suggest an informal meeting so that you can explain the process and the next steps. It may be more difficult where the flats are tenanted, and are not occupied by their owners. We would suggest asking the occupiers if they have details for the owners, or their lettings agents, and make the approach that way. 

Our fully automated system will provide you with a letter that you can send- it really is very simple. Do bear in mind that Right to Manage is not something that everyone has heard of and you may need to explain the concept to them. Feel free to provide them with details of our website, so that they can read our FAQs and gain more information

Although this does not need to be the case, owners often embark on Right to Manage when there are issues with the management of their building. If you are dissatisfied with the service you are receiving, it is likely that others are too. As such, you may be surprised by how easy it is to gather support once you suggest it!

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mi-blox is here to help

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