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I am worried about falling out with my neighbours over management issues and creating work for ourselves.  Isn’t it easier to let the freeholder get on with it? 

This is a valid concern, and is something to bear in mind when deciding whether to embark on the RTM process. However, in our experience, the benefits of RTM far outweigh these concerns, especially as most buildings tend to employ a managing agent who deals with the management on their behalf, and at their direction. This keeps relationships between flat owners at arm’s length, and encourages harmony! 

Our fully automated system will take the stress out of the application process, making sure that everything is set up for you before you begin.  It is an easy process and should not cause friction between owners.  Once the RTM company has taken over, you may choose to manage the building yourselves (usually only recommended for smaller buildings) or you may employ a managing agent. 

Do remember that it may not always be plain sailing! Inevitably, different leaseholders will have different priorities. A ground floor flat owner, for example, is not going to be as keen on lift repairs as the owner of the top flat.  A practical, sensible approach is at times needed – whilst you may not care about the lift, it is still a part of the fabric of the building, and a well-maintained building is important for all. 

Owners will need to be aware that radical changes may not be possible. It is always useful to be aware of what your lease says, as it will govern what can and cannot be done.  That does not change when RTM is invoked- the RTM company takes over the management responsibilities as set out in the lease.  The way that they are conducted, however, may well be much improved. 

Similarly, do not be fearful that your fellow leaseholders will want to save money and not want to carry out necessary work and maintenance, leading to the building running into disrepair. The obligations in the lease to repair and maintain the building will fall on the RTM company, and proper regard must be given to these. 

There may be some frank conversations, but they should be worth it! 

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